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The original Kung Fu spectacular, Shaolin Warriors has had audiences around the world gasping in disbelief at the awe-inspiring demonstrations of hypnotic and action-packed feats.

 “A spectacular display of Kung Fu, which leaves you amazed and breathless” 

Time Out UK    

Direct from Shaolin, China, the birthplace of Kung Fu, the legendary Shaolin Warriors - Kung Fu Masters, is the perfect family entertainment with exciting performances of acrobatics and athletic skill, providing a dynamic display of Kung Fu martial arts.


Shaolin Warriors is more than a Kung Fu show; it’s a traditional strength through adversity story. Featuring rarely seen Buddhist meditation alongside deadly martial-arts expertise. This breathtaking extravaganza starring 21 Kung Fu masters follows the journey of a young child’s initiation to achieving fully fledged warrior status through diligent training.


Supported by stunning scenery, atmospheric music, spectacular lighting and costumes, Shaolin Warriors is the ultimate display of theatre and death-defying acts a “must-see” for adults and children alike. 

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