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7 November, 2019

The Phantom of the Opera - now the longest running show for Dubai Opera - broke multiple records for the venue, including a surge in multiple week engagements and midweek demand that saw 91% of the tickets sold on Monday night this week - a record in itself for the venue.

The decision to extend the hit show into the fourth week proved to be "just right" according to Liz Koops, CEO of Broadway Entertainment Group, which brought show to Dubai.

"This fourth week for us is really exciting because it's a timetable of seven days left. Yesterday we did our best sales ever in one day. And yesterday we broke records for the highest selling show ever," she revealed this week's AB Live show.

Mehdi Aoustin-Sellami, director of programming and head of Dubai Opera, said The Phantom of the Opera has also helped to promote the venue.

“It has brought us new audiences. It is the longest running show that Dubai Opera has ever had. 30 performances in total,” Aoustin-Sellami said.

“We already see technology having a big presence in our big productions like the magic behind the Phantom of the Opera. The walls can disappear, floors can rise. And people walk in and ask where’s the other venue?” he added.

Staging a show of this scale comes with its own set of challenges and one of the major ones getting the right price point, said Aoustin-Sellami.

“Dubai is seen as a city that throws a lot of money. And that we can charge astronomical ticket prices because everyone in Dubai has a lot of money. But the reality is, it is like any other city and we have to be mindful of not pricing people very high," he said.

Another challenge is its geographical location, far from where the artists, sets and play are originally from.

“When we are trying to attract these international productions, convincing them to come here and cost of bringing the people and the sets here is a challenge,” he said.

After the success of The Phantom of the Opera, Dubai Opera is soon going to announce its first hologram-based show, details of which will be announced soon.

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