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Broadway Entertainment Group

March, 2023

A huge Congratulations to team BEG for this wonderful achievement!

We are thrilled to announce @broadway_entertainment_group Winner of “BEST INTERNATIONAL THEATRICAL ENTERTAINMENT DISTRIBUTOR- UAE” 🤩 A huge Congratulations to team BEG for this wonderful achievement! About the MEA Business Awards
MEA Markets is happy to announce that the MEA Business Awards are returning for the sixth consecutive year! This established awards programme identifies those individuals and companies who excel in their respective industries, encompassing the entirety of the Middle East and Africa in our search to highlight the firms that go above and beyond to establish themselves as business leaders.

In recent years, the MEA region has steadily increased its presence on the global business stage, improving and expanding its wide range of economic environments. Given such expansion, now is the perfect time to harness the exposure that the MEA Business Awards 2022 can provide.

The MEA Business Awards 2022 will examine a variety of industries and sectors in our search for the region’s finest businesses. From aviation and agriculture to utility companies and yacht manufacturers, we aim to consider each and every market which trades within the MEA region. With successful awardees selected purely upon merit, we have the opportunity to award the small family-run company, the upcoming start-up, and the well-established large corporation. Regardless of your business background and size, the MEA Business Awards 2022 will provide each awardee with an excellent chance to showcase their achievements.

Like its international counterparts, the MEA region is embracing the call for innovative and sustainable business practices. Companies in the MEA are building upon their innovative business methods whilst introducing new sustainable initiatives, thereby establishing themselves at the forefront of modern business.

With steady financial growth predicted by the region’s experts, the MEA region is one of the leading areas to watch for adaptation and transformation. Recovering from recent international political upheaval and a global pandemic, businesses in the MEA region are thriving with the changes these events have brought forth, and investment in local business is expected to rise in consequence.

By utilising a merit-based awards system, not only are we able to assess each applicant on a level playing field, but we are also able to accept self-nominations alongside anonymous votes. This means all sectors within the region are welcome to take part, and our unique award methodology allows for a fairer style award nomination procedure. As a long-standing awards programme with an established presence, we understand that receiving an award within the MEA Business Awards can have a great influence upon our participants’ business exposure and wider company morale, providing a welcome boost and some well-deserved recognition!

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